Extended 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Trailer Promises Cosmic Marvel Goodness

Tonight 17 minutes of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy was screened to eager IMAX audiences, and afterward -- lo and behold -- a new trailer popped up on Fandango. This one has an extended comedy moment used in earlier ads and we get to hear Ronan the Accuser speak for the very first time. Nice use of "Cherry Bomb" as well.

I'm very interested in the film, but that interest is accompanied by my long fanboy sighs of wishing the comic was better. I really liked Abnett and Lanning's relaunch, but I kind of feel like Bendis's revival stalled out quickly. Marvel's working hard to make sure the Guardians in the books match the Guardians on the screen, and I get it -- it's good for business. But I just read a bunch of old Starlord stories this weekend, and those sure are a different beast than what they're serving up here. No matter. I still want to see the damned thing, so it's working.